- Tim -

- Dave -
Guitar / Vocals

- Richard -

- Pete -
Bass / Vocals

- Mike -

- Uncle Jack -
Live Juke Box

Combine acoustic and electric guitars, back it up with a solid rhythm section, mix with a bucketful of classic tracks and present in one very unique way - Uncle Jackís LIVE JUKE BOX.

High energy from a band who like to break the mould. From the moment they strike up the first note Uncle Jack are off on another legendary non-stop gig. No sets and no breaks. Full on entertainment for everyone.

Uncle Jack have developed their show into a mix of danceable sing-along classic rock and pop covers from the 60ís through to the present day. Rock at volume level 11 or mellow with acoustic tracks, you decide.

Photographs courtesy of Paul Duckworth Photography, Warminster & Peter Cave